Real Estate Photography and Video

All packages include 20 photos

Professional Photography

All packages include a base quantity of 20 photos with a combination of day/dusk/aerial. Photo shoots typically start late afternoon and go into early evening. We provide a set of high and lower resolution files for “Web” and “Print” use.


Video production is an integral part of our media services with a surge in the use of video as a primary marketing resource. We will shoot video and you will receive embed codes and links to post to your property listing and website.


A MicroSite is a web page that contains everything for your property listing. Photos, (video if purchased) description and detail photos are all composed into one deliverable link. You may choose to email the link, simply paste the link under “Tour” in your area’s “listing service” or in most cases both!

Options and Pricing

All packages include 20 Photos

*Photography minimum is $275 (re-touching fees may apply)

0-3,000 Square feet…$650

3,000-5,000 Square feet…$750

5,100-7,500 Square feet…$825

7,600-10,000 Square feet…$1,250

Additional Photos

Additional 10-15 Photos…$150
Additional 20 Photos…$200

Video and MicroSite

Video: $100 per 1,000 Square feet

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8.5x11 / 2-Sided



11x17 Foldover



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